Saturday, January 03, 2009


On New Year's Day we decided to make pizza for dinner. We had a few mushrooms in the fridge so I sliced them up to go on top of the pizza, along with sliced pepperoni.

The lighting is bad, but as you can see I cooked this pizza the traditional way on the pizza stone instead of in the deep dishes.
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  1. See!!! It IS the Day of Three (one) Pizzas!

  2. What temperature do you use with your pizza stone in the oven? Have you ever used one in a grill? Tanks!


  3. damomma - I love the day of pizzas. :)

    Joelen - Thanks!

    a witt - I preheat the oven (with the stone in it) at the highest my oven will go, which is 550. I've never used a stone on the grill, but we have a small charcoal grill and I don't know if it would work properly (or fit on the small surface area).


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