Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Making Meals for Another Day

Since I was home on Monday I decided to make a double batch of mac & cheese to freeze for another time. I separated it into two casserole dishes and topped both with fresh bread crumbs:

I wanted to show you guys how creamy this is before the topping goes on. Just look at all that gooey, cheesy goodness:

These are going to make fantastic meals sometime in the future.
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  1. Do you bake these off before you freeze them?
    I make ahead Lasagna all the time and I bake it before I put it in the freezer! Boy make ahead meals really make life easier...

  2. The best mac & cheese is the creaminess! Yum!

  3. OMGOSH! Gooey, cheessy goodness like this is JUST what I need today. :::droool:::

  4. Susan - No, I don't bake them before I freeze them. Since I use fresh bread crumbs they would brown if I baked it first and then reheating from the freezer would cause them to burn. Since the noodles and sauce are cooked before being assembled I freeze it after I mix the two together and then bake it after it defrosts.


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