Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I Have a New Camera!

Thank you to everyone who answered my camera post awhile back. I finally got my new camera, a Canon PowerShot SD1100IS 8MP over the weekend (thanks, Mom!):

So far I'm totally flummoxed by it. Don't get me wrong, I like it and I know once I get used to it I'll be thrilled but right now it's about half the size of my old camera (a 2004 Sony Cybershot) and is so lightweight I'm afraid I'm going to drop it. I'm not used to setting up shots, the macro setting keeps turning off, and the memory card it came with only holds about 10 photos (I've ordered a 16GB card that should be here by the end of the week).

Now that I have a new camera I really, really need to either invest in or build myself a lightbox. I'm so tired of washed out, yellowish photos. Stupid winter and the sun setting at 5pm. Bring back natural light!
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  1. No need to spend money on a light box. Just buy a piece of white poster board (you know, the type kids use to do school presentations on). Place a table against a wall, then tape one edge of the poster board to the table, and curve it up against the wall and tape the other edge to the wall, forming a curved, seamless white background. As for yellowish photos, just use the custom white balance feature on your camera (aim the camera at something white and hit the set button). That should take care of the yellow problem.

  2. Poster board...take it one step further and go for plastic laminate...white plastic laminate and do the same thing with the curve and the tape. That way, you can CLEAN it :) You can sometimes find broken sheets at Home Depot or Lowes for cheap prices. You can also check local millwork places, you'd be surprised what is thrown out.

    Hell maybe you can build a huge cyc wall like Beyoncé uses for her Single Ladies video. Think of the things you could use it for!

  3. Congratulations its a really nice camera- perfect size to take everywhere!


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