Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Spaghetti and Garlic Bread with Cheese

Looks like a nice plate of past and sauce, right?

Unfortunately this sauce was just wrong. All wrong. I wanted to use up some carrots and celery that I had in the fridge, so I minced 2 or 3 carrots in the food processor with two stalks of celery and an onion, along with some garlic. I guess it was just too much carrot because the sauce was too sweet. And the red pepper flake did nothing to balance that sweetness.

At least the garlic bread with cheese was good.
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  1. I know it's recommended by some to use carrots (or assorted vegetables) to sweeten the acidity the tomatoes give off. I see a few problems with this, mostly because of what happened with your gravy (sauce!). If you want to sweeten it but not too much, I recommend a good dry red wine. Or, let the onions sweat out for at least 10 minutes with the garlic and olive oil. :)

  2. C Laz - I rarely put carrots in my sauce (gravy!) but I had some to use up and thought "why not?" Oh well. In all my years making sauce I have never had one turn out so inedibly bad.


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