Monday, August 18, 2008

Second Anniversary

I feel like such a bad blogger these days. The second anniversary of my blog was August 4 and I didn't even acknowledge it. In fact, I didn't realize it even WAS the second anniversary until a week later and even then I never got around to posting about it. So here we are, two weeks later, and I'm finally writing about it.

It's been a crazy, but amazing two years as a food blogger. I've made some awesome friends and discovered a ton of blogs I wouldn't have known about had it not been for my own blogging. And two years later I'm still enjoying taking photos of my food and sharing my recipes with the world.

My goal for the coming year is to somehow get more of the people who read my blog (more than 100 visitors a day, thankyouverymuch) to leave me comments. I also hope to improve my photgraphy, possibly with a new camera or even some kind of staging area or light box for natural light during the dark, cold days of winter.

I hope you've enjoyed what I've been doing over the past two years! Here's to another year of good food!

PS. Updates (with actual pictures of food) are coming soon! Stay tuned.
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  1. I just started reading your blog a couple weeks ago. Love it! and i see that you do pizza fridays.. maybe you can help me out here. Every time i buy mozz cheese that i grate myself. the cheese doesn't melt properly and it doesn't taste good. Makes me think i can only stick with preshredded mozz. cheese?! and i need a great recipe for a pizza crust! anything i buy doesn't turn out that good! we like a mix of thin, a little crispy but still soft! i would love to see a posting on this!

  2. Woohoo! Two years - congrats!

  3. Hi. I stop by several times a week and have been probably for the last year. Just want you to know that I use your ideas as menu items and in my weekly meal I appreciate your creativity!! I'll try to leave more comments so you can reach your goal!

  4. Erin - I've found that name-brand mozzarella cheese is world's better then store-brand. I only buy Maggio or Sorrento because everything else kinda clumps and gets oily, at least in my opinion.

    Unfortunately I can't help with the pizza dough as I don't make my own. I'm fortune to have a fantastic Italian bakery that sells frozen dough, so that's what I use.

    Su-Lin - Thanks!! It feels like quite an accomplishment. :)

    Cathy - I'm honored to know you use my ideas for your weekly menu planning! And thanks for helping me meet my goal. :)

  5. I just stopped by for a moment to grab the ginger shrimp recipe but wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS ON TWO YEARS! :D I'm so happy you were out there for me to be motivated by. And I love our burgeoning friendship as well.

    Your goals sound great but I already love your pictures. :) Here's to many more years of happy cooking!

  6. I just had to tell you I'm laughing at myself because I left you that comment... and then wandered off and forgot the recipe. I swear I am such a multi-tasker. I would forget my own brain sometimes if it weren't in my damn head.

  7. Melissa - I love our friendship, too! I'm so happy to know I inspired you (I can never hear that enough - it's a good ego boost!) And I love that you forgot the recipe. You crack me up! :)

  8. I have to confess that I'm one of the people who read your blog (practically daily) and never comment. I'll try to change this by actually typing out all my exclamations over your gorgeous food, rather than just saying them to myself.

  9. Bonnie - That would be great!! I don't mind if it's just a smiley face. I just like knowing the people who stop by are actually looking at the posts. :)


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