Monday, August 18, 2008

Window Cat

SP took this photo of our cat this weekend:

His new favorite spot is sitting in front of the slider, kind of wrapped up in the bottom part of the curtain. Whenever I get home from work that's where he is.
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  1. Isn't it funny how they're always finding new places? He's so gorgeous. You knew I would love this post though. ;)

  2. you're really making me wanna try beets again... I love goat's cheese & arugula. those are pickled beets, right?

  3. Melissa - I feel like a broken record because every time I mention here that he has a new favorite spot he changes spots! LOL!

    C - Beets are SO good. The ones I serve aren't pickled. I cook fresh beets (usually in boiling water on the stove) and just peel and slice them.

  4. thanks, THC. DOH @ me commenting on the wrong post. you know I think your kitty's a cutie! I have 3 myself.


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