Tuesday, August 05, 2008


In honor of the Doctor Who season finale (which was shown in two episodes over two weeks) my mom came over to watch the shows with us and spent the night. As a special treat we went out after dinner both Fridays for ice cream. I'm not a huge fan of sweets, but I do love cake and cupcakes. The new ice cream parlor in town had cupcakes during our most recent visit, so I gave them a try.

My first complaint is the variety. I know they're an ice cream parlor and not a bakery, but I hate that cupcakes come in vanilla cake with vanilla icing or chocolate cake with chocolate icing. Am I the only one who likes to mix flavors? I got one of each (vanilla cake with vanilla icing and coconut and chocolate cake with chocolate icing).

My review: the cake was dry and crumbly and the icing didn't have much flavor. Overall a huge disappointment. I only ate half of each on Friday and wasn't wowed enough to want to finish the other halves (although I did, on Sunday). These were nothing like our new favorite place for cupcakes, Velvet Sky.
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  1. It's always such a disappointment when muffins or cupcakes are dry. :( The icing looks great though!

  2. Katie - It was a huge letdown, but I have a good source for amazing cupcakes so I'm not too worried.

  3. I like chocolate with white frosting...not vanilla, but white.

    And Dr. Who...I just made my sister a birthday card with a couple of Daleks on the front with one of them getting ready to "exterminate" the birthday cupcake.

    Weird coincidence.


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