Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Scallop and Calamari Scampi

I hate when my photos get this weird orange tinge. This was dinner on Sunday - Scallop and Calamari Scampi over angel hair:

I seared the seafood before making the sauce and the whole house smelled fantastic. Even our neighbors asked what we were cooking when we saw them later. We had all the windows open since the weather was so gorgeous on Sunday and they must have smelled the scallops and garlic wafting through their backyard.
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  1. Forget about the 'tinge' this looks perfect.

  2. Yum! That looks really delicious - I think I'll try this - do you have a recipe for the sauce? I especially love how light it looks - the sauce disappears into the pasta.

  3. AHHHHH! THAT LOOKS HEAVENLY! Stupid DH being allergic to most seafood. I HAVE to have this!

  4. could you give me the recipe? Really want to get my husband to try calamari at home...he just thinks its bait! Did you buy frozen or fresh squid? Thanks a mil!

  5. Melissa - Awww...thanks! I still hate that color, though.

    Katie - It's more a method then a recipe. Since someone else asked, I'll edit the post to explain what I did for the sauce.

    Katie - LOL! Thanks. I'm sorry he's allergic to seafood. Such a bummer!

    Julia - I modified the post with a basic recipe.

    The calamari were frozen. I usually buy all my seafood and fish at a wholesale club so it's all frozen.


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