Thursday, August 21, 2008

Pasta with Beet and Gorgonzola Sauce

As I'm sure you've all noticed, I've been buying beets at the farmers market quite often. I love them and could eat beet and goat cheese salad every week, but SP mentioned wanting a little variety. I thought a creamy beet pasta sauce might be nice, so I did a search and found this recipe. All the ingredients sounded good, so I decided to make it for dinner tonight. The result was certainly gorgeous to look at:

But the flavor just wasn't there. We tried adding salt, pepper, more gorgonzola, but nothing helped. It's rare that a dish is so bad that we throw all of it away, but we did just that. Nothing pains me more, but this just wasn't worth saving. SP told me he was wrong, that he loves beet and goat cheese salad and begged me not to experiment with beets anymore. Ha!

Wanna know what we had for dinner instead? It's so wrong (especially since I've been so good about exercising lately) but we went to Wendy's. I got a Baconator and a small order of fries:

I wanted the Spicy Baconator they used to have, but I guess they stopped carrying it. It was greasy and the fries were limp and on the cold side, but it still hit the spot. Oh well.
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  2. edit post-reading the whole thing. lol! -- sorry it didn't work out for you, but it still looks beautiful! and the baconator to make up for it is awesome. :)

  3. Love the color of the pasta.... and seriously, anything paired with a bacon cheeseburger is good!

  4. Yeah, sorry about the pasta. Very rare that something is that hopeless. Better luck next time.

    I don't watch TV much, but on Adult Swim at night, they've been airing the recent commercials for the baconator. I was telling Steve that is SO my burger. Lots of meat, cheese and crispy bacon. That's all I need. I was thinking about making my own version at home with two different cheeses and Applewood bacon. Yum.

  5. Katie - LOL! You crack me up, hon! It was definitely a gorgeous dish to look at, but the flavors weren't there at all. Such a waste. But the Baconator definitely made up for it!

    Joelen - Wendy's to the rescue!

    Melissa - was a huge disappointment. I'm on a beet kick these days so I think a nice borscht is in my future.

    I don't eat fast food often, but this really hit the spot. I've been reading A Hambuger Today a lot lately and they extol the virtues of American cheese on burgers. I'm actually thinking about buying some pre-sliced to try on burgers sometime soon. Adding lots of crispy bacon would probably make for a fantastic burger.


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