Sunday, August 24, 2008

Grilled Steak Dinner

The weather has been absolutely gorgeous lately, so we wanted to have a nice summery meal. I got some beets at the farmers market by my office so I made another beet, goat cheese and arugula salad:

I also got some corn, cherry tomatoes and cilantro at the market for my grilled corn salad:

I realized I didn't have any red onion so I had to sub shallot. It wasn't quite the same, but it still worked well. We bought some sirloin steaks at the Amish butcher. SP got the grill nice and hot and cooked the steaks perfectly:

Just look at that char. Gorgeous. I seasoned the steaks simply with salt and pepper and finished them with a little sea salt once they came off the grill. Here's my plate:

We also had baked potatoes with sour cream and fresh chives. I made a rosemary butter to melt over the steaks:

It was a fantastic dinner. I love the flavor the grill imparts to anything you put on it.
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  1. What a gorgeous end of the summer meal. The steak is especially inviting, thinking about the char from the grill.

    I'm glad you've been enjoying the beets so much. I've been overloading not on beets, but on tomatoes and basil... I actually think I burned myself out.

  2. Melissa - It was a great dinner. I love grilling meat.

    Beets have been my thing this summer and so far I'm still not sick of them. I just finished some leftover salad for lunch and I was bummed when I got to the bottom of the container.

    I overdid it on tomatoes one summer recently and I couldn't even think about eating them for awhile. Since I'm growing them this year I'm trying to use them sparingly so I don't make that same mistake. But they're SO good you just want to eat them all the time, especially with fresh mozzarella and basil. Yum!

  3. That looks so freaking good. I love the grilled corn salad.

  4. Those potatoes are huge! We don't have impressive ones like that, so our baked potatoes often turn into two each, just so it's big enough! :P

  5. wow, that steak! and i am a sucker for a good corn salad.


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