Monday, August 11, 2008

Fried Chicken Dinner

SP asked for some kind of fried chicken so I made it for dinner last night.

I used boneless chicken breasts that I dredged in flour, egg and bread crumbs. We also had corn fritters, mashed potatoes, and the biscuits SP made.
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  1. Wow - looks like a great dinner!

  2. Hi there!

    This looks nice. What recipe do you use for your biscuits?

    The only thing I seem to miss on this platter is some kind of gravy or condiment?

    Still looks damned good though!

    // Mike

  3. Joelen - Thanks!

    Swedish Mike - Hi! Yeah, gravy would have been great with this but trying to get everything together on a weeknight was hard enough without worrying about gravy. But I do agree that it would have made this meal perfect.

    As for the recipe, my husband makes them but I'm pretty sure this is the recipe he uses. It's from the Joy of Cooking.

  4. Thanks for your answer, I'll have to try that recipe. A friend keeps trying to make biscuits for me and so far the results haven't been all that good. ;)

  5. Swedish Mike - No problem! The one thing I can recommend is making the biscuits on the larger side. The first time my husband made them they were too small. I think he got 10 biscuits from one recipe this last time and I think they could have been even bigger. I hope they work out for you!

  6. First thing I noticed was the immediate recurrence of corn fritters. You guys really like those things, which means I may need to try them!

  7. Melissa - The fritters are really good. You should definitely try them if you can get really good, fresh corn.


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