Monday, April 30, 2007

Making Chinese Food At Home

Two of my favorite cooking magazines - Cook's Country and Everyday Food - can always be relied on for a few good recipes, like tonight's dinner of Sweet and Sour Chicken (Cook's Country) and pork egg rolls (Everyday Food).

Sweet and Sour Chicken is not my favorite Chinese food dish (and I'm sure it's not even remotely Chinese in origin), but SP likes it and it was easy to make. There was a definite sweet flavor but the sour was less pronounced. It was still really tasty.

I made these egg rolls a few weekends ago and froze them. They were time-consuming to make and I was a little concerned about how they'd taste, but I needn't have worried. They were excellent, gingery with a nice kick from the garlic. I first had these with my lunch last week but I had to bake them. The flavor was fine but the texture was wrong - soggy with no crunch. For tonight's dinner I fried them in vegetable oil and they were much more satisfying.

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