Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Chicken with Chile-Cheese Rice

I really liked this recipe for Chicken with Chile-Cheese Rice but the last time I made it there wasn't enough flavor or spiciness.

This time, however, I think it was almost perfect. It still wasn't very spicy, but SP said he didn't think it should have too much of a kick. And besides, jalapenos just aren't that spicy, especialy when you remove all the seeds. I used four of them and there was a slight kick, but nothing earth-shattering. I liked the color and crunch they provided, though. The flavor was also helped by the cilantro, which I wasn't able to use last time because it wasn't available in the supermarket. I love the taste of cilantro and it really added a nice flavor to the dish.
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  1. Looks good! :)
    I'm not a fan of spicy food, but maybe I should give it a go, it just looks so yummy!

  2. Katie - this is definitely NOT spicy. It has nice flavor from the chilies, cilantro and the pepper Jack cheese, though.


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