Friday, April 06, 2007

My First Tag

Kate over at A Byootaful Life tagged me for 5 Reasons Why I Blog. Seeing as this is my first ever tag, I'm feeling pretty honored. Thanks, Kate!

1) I love looking at pictures of food. When I buy a new cookbook the first thing I do is look at all the pictures. When I discovered food blogs I would sit in front of the computer and literally drool over the photos. So, it seemed only fitting for me to take pictures of my own food. I just wish I had started doing it sooner.

2) I like having a record of all the food I've made. I have tons of cookbooks and piles and piles of recipes I've printed off the Internet, but nothing is better then an online compilation of all the recipes I've made. I can refer back to it whenever I need inspiration and sometimes it's just fun to look back at all the good food I've made in the past.

3) All the people I've "met" since I started blogging. I never knew there was such a large group of people out there as obsessed with food as I am. It has been so great to get new readers and then check out their blogs to see what they're cooking. I've been inspired by some of the dishes I've seen on other blogs and I've formed online friendships with a few other bloggers. It's nice to know there are people other then my family and friends who like to read about what I'm doing in the kitchen.

4) I'm hoping to someday parlay this blog into a business. My friends and family are always telling me I should be a caterer and while that is not a dream that will be realized anytime soon, this blog is a good way to show potential clients the kind of food I can make. I've already had a few offers to cater (albeit from friends) based on what they've seen in my blog.

5) Because it's fun! I love taking pictures of the food I make, I love writing about it, I love looking back at all the old posts, I love the people I've met doing this and I love hearing from fellow food bloggers that I would never have met if I hadn't started blogging. It is just a fun hobby.

I know I'm supposed to tag other people now, but I have no idea who to tag who hasn't already been tagged. If you read this and you have a blog and feel like doing this, let me know!
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  1. I loved reading your answers! There seems to be a common theme that friendships are being made in internet blogging land, and that's so good because it's amazing the different people you can meet from all over the world with just a click of a button! :)


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