Monday, April 23, 2007

Two Dinners and a Cat

Dinner last night was kind of a throw-together meal that could have been better. I wanted to make linguine with white clam sauce based on a recipe from the newspaper, but it turned out I was one can of clams short for the recipe. I forged ahead, but the end result wasn't very exciting:

There was hardly any sauce, for starters, and minimal clams to boot. Basically it was pasta with garlic and white wine, which is fine, if a little dry. The garlic bread, however, was stellar:

... with lots of minced garlic, butter and parsley. Instead of making a garlic paste with salt I left the garlic minced and sprinkled salt and pepper onto the cut halves before baking them. Yum! There is nothing like crusty, slightly chewy garlic bread.

Yesterday afternoon I had the slider open and I could hear the birds chirping in the back yard. When I looked over I saw our stalker kitty ready to pounce at a moments notice:

Such a fierce jungle cat, this one is. I bet if a bird came too close he'd hide under the table. Tonight's dinner was a perennial favorite:

... Chile Chicken and Rice. I've upped the jalapeno count to five and I think we have a winner. There was plenty of kick from the peppers and I used a tad more cheese this time which resulted in a creamier dish.
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