Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Chicken Salad

I had Monday off for Martin Luther King Day, so after running some errands I came home and made myself some lunch. We had some leftover roast chicken and I bought mixed salad greens at the store, so I decided to make chicken salad.

I diced some chicken and mixed it with mayo, salt and pepper. I wanted something else in there so I looked through the fridge and found some mini mozzarella balls and mixed olives. I diced up the cheese and a few olives and added a little lemon juice to both the chicken salad and the salad greens. It seems like a weird combination, but it actually worked.

**This was my first photo using my new camera.**
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  1. **This was my first photo using my new camera.**


    I've been making chicken salad a lot lately. One of my faves.


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