Sunday, July 08, 2007

Sunday Breakfast

Breakfast this morning was less than inspired but turned out to be quite tasty. I toasted an English muffin and topped each half with a slice of tomato and a fried egg with some melted cheddar cheese on top:

In other news, I am VERY pleased to present our new addition:

Ever since we moved into our house we have hated our refrigerator. The first time we opened the door to find the shelves covered in a pool of water, we thought maybe it was because the fridge had just been turned on. By the fifth or sixth time we realized there was a problem with the fridge itself. One time we actually saw the torrent of water pouring out of a hole near the top back shelf. We put off getting a new fridge for months because we weren't sure exactly what we wanted, but we soon grew weary of cleaning up pools of water three or four times a day.

Recently Home Depot was having an appliance sale so we drove over to check it out and found exactly what we wanted - a bottom-freezer model that wasn't too wide to fit into the space we had, French doors for the fridge and a pull-out freezer drawer with a sturdy upper basket. We measured and remeasured the space and were about 90% certain the fridge wouldn't fit (can you see that lip from the window seat? We were concerned about the pull-out door clearing that), but my stepfather assured me that an 1/8th of an inch is still an 1/8th of an inch and as you can see, it fit! It was delivered yesterday and we are in love.
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  1. That fridge looks awesome! I especially like the drawer on the bottom - you can stack a lot of things in there! :-)

  2. congrats on the new fridge, and I LOVE the color of your kitchen!

  3. Katie - Thanks! We absolutely love it. I can't tell you how wonderful it is to open the fridge and have everything at eye level. No more stooping over just to see what's inside.

    C - Thanks! We love bright colors and with the light cabinets and flooring we thought an apple green was a great color choice.

  4. Congrats on the new fridge. You didn't tell me about the leak when I visited or I would have offered to help with a new one.

    Anyway, I'm glad you got a good deal and that 1/8th inch of space.

    BTW, great choice for dinner tonight

  5. I am loving your new fridge. Yes, I am jealous because you have a new appliance. What has happened to me?!

  6. Dad - Thanks! We are very happy with it. I'm surprised we didn't mention it to you. If you want to help, there's still time (and a lousy dishwasher that also needs replacing).

    C Laz - LOL! Trust me when I say that I am in love with this fridge. It's a sick obsession, really. I love opening it and looking for something since everything is at eye level. :)

  7. I love your new fridge and it's the right design too with the freezer at the bottom. Love the color of your kitchen walls, very cheerful. Makes me want to paint my kitchen too.

  8. Leica - Once we decided to replace the fridge we knew we wanted the freezer on the bottom. Having the fridge at eye level is fantastic! We love color - our whole house is painted bright, cheery colors. In the winter when it's cold and dark it makes the place seem so homey.


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