Monday, July 09, 2007

The Grace Brothers Canteen

Every Saturday from 8pm to midnight a few of our local PBS stations broadcast British Comedies (Britcoms). If we're home we like to watch our favorites, including Keeping Up Appearances, As Time Goes By, Vicar of Dibley, Fawlty Towers, Black Adder, Thin Blue Line, Waiting For God, Last of the Summer Wine, 'Allo, 'Allo, and Are You Being Served? This past Saturday we caught an episode of Are You Being Served? where Mrs. Slocombe and Miss Brahms are eating plates of sausages, mashed potatoes and a green vegetable in the canteen. We had a few pieces of Italian sausage in the freezer, a crisper full of organic broccoli from my parent's vegetable box and plenty of potatoes, so I thought I'd cook us a meal reminiscent of the food at Grace Brothers.

We don't have easy access to HP sauce here in the states so I tried making a gravy from the sausage drippings (that tan blob next to the broccoli). It was very salty from the sausage fat, but a nice complement to the sausages and potatoes. For the broccoli I just cooked it in a pan with some garlic and red pepper flakes until it was tender.
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  1. Are You Being Served? is one of my all time FAVORITE shows! I also like Absolutely Fabulous...AbFab.


  2. Jessy - AbFab...another classic! They never show it on our local stations but we own two DVD sets and love watching them! Have you ever seen any of the French and Saunders stuff? I love Dawn French from Vicar of Dibley but I've never seen her with the chick from AbFab.

  3. How did you make the gravy, just adding flour to the drippings or did you add something else?

    PS - I wish I could get into British comedy, the only thing I can watch and die laughing is Monty Python.

  4. C Laz - There was a lot of fat in the pan so I drained off all but about two tablespoons and then I added flour, cooked that for a minute and then added chicken stock and whisked until it turned into a gravy. Thankfully I tasted it before I started seasoning because it was very, very salty. According to SP sausage has a lot of salt...who knew?


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