Saturday, July 28, 2007

Pizza Friday

SP loves mushrooms. When I say he loves them I mean he really, really loves them. We haven't had mushroom pizza for Pizza Friday in I don't know how long, so that's what was on the menu for this week. On the drive home I was thinking about how I wanted to cook the mushrooms before they went on the pizza and once I got home we spent at least 15 minutes discussing the pros and cons of onions and garlic before I finally went into the kitchen to start cooking. After searching the fridge for 5 minutes I could not find the mushrooms. Turns out SP and I had a miscommunication when he washed the mushrooms earlier this week for the Creamy, Bacony Mushrooms so said mushrooms were all used in that dish with none put aside for the pizza.

So last night's pizza was another Pizza Margherita.

I added more basil this time, which was good, but there was still too much cheese. Next time we do this pizza I'm going to cut the cheese into slabs instead of grating it so there's pockets of cheese instead of a huge blanket on top.
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