Saturday, July 21, 2007

Breakfast and Lunch

In between doing housework (OK, let's be honest, SP was doing all the work while I "supervised" from the couch) I made us some breakfast and lunch. For breakfast I made French toast with bananas:

I sliced the bananas and cooked them in a pan with some butter, sugar and cinnamon until they were tender and starting to brown. My eyes were bigger than my stomach and I could only eat two pieces of this incredibly rich breakfast.

When lunchtime rolled around SP was in the middle of painting the trim in our foyer so we needed to do something quick at home. We didn't have much on hand so I made tuna melts and homemade potato chips:

... using my buddy D's old Fry Baby that she sent us months and months ago. SP ended up taking over the potato chip making while I finished the sandwiches and he said he loves the fryer, although it is on the small side and necessitated multiple batches to fry all the chips.

For the tuna melts I made the tuna using a little herbes de provence and SP was a huge fan. A very satisfying lunch indeed!
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  1. French toast sounds delicious - is it bread dipped in egg and then fried in a pan? How do you make it, because it looks great! :)

  2. Now ya know why we upgraded! ;)

    I can vouch for the fryer at Williams-Sonoma --- you should totally put it on your Christmas wish list!

    (Btw, the chippies look YUMMALISH and I am ALL ABOUT that french toast -- MMMMMMMMM!)

  3. Katie - French toast is super easy - I beat a couple eggs and some milk together in a shallow dish and season it with a little cinnamon then dip sliced bread in for a few seconds (too long and the bread will get soggy) and cook it on a griddle with butter.

    D - I remember you saying you were only able to fry a couple pieces of chicken at a time and now I know why! It still works great, though, and much less splatter then using a regular pan.

  4. oooh lunch sounds perfect! thanks for sharing!

  5. Hi alosha! Welcome to A Taste of Home. :) I love the cat pic! Such a cutie.


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