Friday, December 12, 2008


We're coming to the end of a difficult week and SP thought we should treat ourselves to a scrumptious dinner. What better then sushi for pure indulgence? I'll admit, we totally pigged out. This is way more food then two people need, but man was it good!

We got two orders of the Godzilla roll:

I can't quite remember what's in it (I think salmon, probably some kind of tuna, veggies, rice, etc.) but what makes it amazing is that they deep-fry it. After it's sliced the roll is topped with spicy mayo and those yummy, crispy flakes. So amazingly good, with the cool fish and veggies and the hot, crispy roll.

We also got two spicy tuna rolls, a tuna and avocado roll, a salmon and cucumber roll and an eel roll:

I've waxed rhapsodic about the spicy tuna roll many times before, with it's generous portion of chopped tuna and spicy mayo topped with chopped scallions:

I absolutely adore the tuna and avocado roll:

The avocado is always so buttery and luscious. How do they always manage to get such great avocados? And the tuna...impeccable. SP wanted to try something new so we got a salmon and cucumber roll:

I liked it, but I definitely prefer tuna. The salmon was good and I liked the crunch of the cucumber, but the other rolls were better. SP is a huge fan of eel so this eel roll was all for him:

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  1. Sushi for dinner tonight...seriously...we planned it yesterday :)

    Godzilla Roll...awesome name!

  2. Psssh, I could all that myself.

    No, seriously.

  3. GReat... now I have sushi on the brain! Yum!

  4. When my husband and I eat sushi we always order too much! I am glad we aren't the only ones who overindulge on sushi. It's just so good!

  5. i loveeee Sushi. boyfriend doesn't, but he has tried. So far best affordable place is California Rollin' in Rochester NY. they have the best combinations-- my favorite, the carla roll. and on sundays are 3 rolls for 12 bucks. and Usually we're stuffed but we still order dessert-- which is banana and strawberries rolled into a sushi roll topped with chocolate.

  6. longhair - Hehe! I hope it was good. :)

    Melissa - Yeah, me too. Is that wrong? LOL!

    Joelen - :)

    Lisa - I know! And we don't eat it often so we feel we have a right to indulge.

    Erin - Mmm...dessert sushi! Sounds great.


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