Sunday, December 07, 2008

Holiday Party

For the past year or so I've belonged to a cooking board. It's a national board so many of the members are spread throughout the country. I've connected with tons of wonderful people and participated in fun gift exchanges, but the best part of the board is the get-togethers. A few of us live in the same area and have become very good friends off the boards, so we decided to do a holiday potluck yesterday afternoon. We each brought a dish so Brooke, the host, didn't have to do all the cooking. It was a leisurely lunch with lots of great conversations. I can't wait to do it again!

We started the lunch off with pizza pockets made by Colleen:

The little pockets of dough are stuffed with sausage, spinach and cream cheese. She served them with pizza sauce for dipping.

These were so good I'm pretty sure I had a few too many. I stopped counting after four. Absolutely delicious and the perfect start to the meal.

Jenn was in charge of the main course and she brought chicken marsala:

The chicken was incredibly moist and look at all those delicious mushrooms. So, so good! Lauren decided to stick with the marsala theme with a wonderfully creamy baked orzo:

... that was a great way to use orzo, which is one of my favorite pastas. I love that it could be made ahead like a casserole. Initially I was planning to make green bean casserole but the beans have been a little lackluster at the store, so I went with the zesty broccoli casserole instead:

This time I added the water chestnuts and used plenty of broccoli and it was delicious. I loved the crunch from the water chestnuts and onion and the broccoli still had a little bite to it. Here's my plate with some of everything:

A close-up of the delicious chicken marsala:

... the broccoli casserole:

... and the yummy baked orzo:

After we were stuffed silly Brooke served us some delicious hot apple toddies:

... before she brought out the dessert, a gorgeous pumpkin trifle:

Just look at those layers of cake, pudding and whipped cream:

It was nice and light, with great flavors:

I had a fantastic time hanging out, eating good food and laughing with everyone. I can't wait to do it again. I hope this becomes a regular thing. Thanks again for a fantastic time!
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  1. What a wonderful way to spend a day with new friends. The food sounds delicious. Do you have leftovers for me?

  2. I may have to make those pizza pockets myself... they look irresistable. A fun food my boys would love, too.

  3. Oh my gosh, this looks so freaking incredible. I always seem to want to comment on your really great posts, which also give excellent cooking ideas, but then I'd comment on nearly everything! But I couldn't stop myself from commenting this time. GREAT BLOG!!!

  4. Oh my gosh what fun! I have been on a message board for years and have always wanted to do a get together. There aren't many members close to me though. Sounds like you had such a great time!

  5. Thanks for posting all this! I can't wait to do it again.

  6. Judy - I wish I had more of those pizza pockets! All I've got is some broccoli casserole. :)

    Patsyk - They were absolutely delicious. I can't wait to make them myself.

    X - Please, feel free to comment on whatever post you want. I love comments! :)

    Amanda - It's a lot of fun to get together with people. I hope you can make one work sometime soon.

    Brooke - Me neither! It was so much fun. :)

  7. I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


  8. The pumpkin truffle looks incredible! Actually everything did... wow. I bet that was a great time.

  9. You can never have too many pizza pockets! haha - Nice post, a good description of our fun afternoon!

  10. Susan - Thank you for leaving a comment! :)

    Tracie - We definitely had a blast. And the trifle was delicious.

    Colleen - Ha! SP was SO mad that I didn't snag one for him. He's been drooling over the pictures.

  11. How fun! It's awesome that you got to meet up with some new folks in person. I'm jealous. ;)

    I'm with you and Colleen. Never enough pizza pockets - at least if they're made with spinach and no red sauce. Those are my only requirements. Tell her to send me a plate!

  12. Melissa - Some day you and I will meet! :) I really can't wait to make those pizza pockets. SP was so jealous.

  13. Ugh! So jealous! Helllooo.. KATIE should have been there! lol


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