Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Dinner

For Christmas dinner we went to my stepgrandmother's for the same meal we've had every year since my mom and stepdad got married. We had salad:

... roast beef tenderloin:

... a loaf of garlic bread:

... green beans with almonds:

... and Christmas cookies for dessert:

Unfortunately this year things didn't go according to plan and the meal was less than stellar. My stepgrandmother, who is 82, has finally decided to hand the reins over to me and my mother. After years of being an amazing cook she just doesn't have it in her anymore. She was so upset that the meal didn't turn out the way it usually does. The Yorkshire pudding (not pictured) never rose or cooked all the way through. The beef and green beans were overcooked, and she decided not to make mashed potatoes (much to the disappointment of everyone in attendance). At least the cookies were good.
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  1. The good thing is that the meal was shared with family so an overdone veggie doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things. It sounds like you had a wonderful day!!!

  2. Oh no! How sad about the meal. :( You're right about cookies, though. They are always a meal saver. And you and your always-pretty-plated salads! mm!

  3. Sorry that it wasn't a meal that was as great as previous Christmases. I'm sure you and your mom will come up with more delicious fare in the holidays to come!

  4. Hey, we're in the same boat! Our $80 rib roast got overcooked. Pulled it out of the oven ad 131ยบ and when I sliced it up 10-15 minutes later it was practically well done. Needless to say, that thermometer is no longer in existence :(

    I'm glad I have friends like you and SP to commiserate with :)

    Our lobster risotto, on the other hand, game out really well!

  5. Bellini - Absolutely.

    Katie - I wish I could take credit for the salad presentation but I had nothing to do with this meal. :)

    Joelen - It'll be a challenge, that's for sure.

    longhair - Oh no!! Don't you hate when that happens? I'm glad to hear the risotto was good!


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