Saturday, December 27, 2008

Birthday Dinner

My stepgrandmother turned 82 yesterday. Since my Aunt E was in town for Christmas she decided to cook a nice meal to celebrate the occasion. Look at this gorgeous roast pork stuffed with herbs.

But first the nosh. We had an olive tapenade with toasted bread:

The olives were deliciously salty:

We also had some creamy cheese that was similar to brie:

Here's the pork roasts fresh from the oven:

... and the main event, the porcini risotto:

E also cooked some peas:

... and we had a tossed salad:

Here's my plate with a little bit of everything:

... and a closeup of the risotto:

It was creamy and delicious, with large pieces of earthy porcini. I had two helpings of it and could have eaten more. Happy Birthday, B!!
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  1. What a great birthday meal for your stepgrandmother! Everything looks delicious :)

  2. Joelen - Having the risotto just made me want more of it...which isn't good because SP isn't a fan. I need to make some for myself when he's not home. :)

  3. Mmm, all of that food looks so good! I made a stuffed pork loin for Christmas - I love how it looks when you cut into it.

    What kind of cheese was that?

  4. Wow! It all looks sooooo good! The pork roasts came out perfectly, the tapenade looks delicious and I'm ready to stick my fork through the screen for some of that rissoto!!

  5. Steve isn't a risotto fan either - he liked it okay once. I think that was when I cooked it the best though, sooo yeah. It's probably all about how I make it.

    The pork roasts look awesome. She did a great job.

  6. Mary Ellen - I have no idea about the cheese. I thought there was cheese but I couldn't taste any when we actually ate.

    Katie - Hehe. :)

    Melissa - Bummer about Steve and risotto. I love the stuff. If we lived closer to each other I'd invite you over for some. :)

  7. Oh please share the recipe for the herb stuffing your Aunt used on the pork...I just bought a loin on sale and Id love to do it different! The meal you posted looks so delicious!

  8. Susan - I'm sorry...I wish I could but I don't know what she did and I don't have a way of getting in touch with her. :(


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