Friday, December 19, 2008

Macaroni & Cheese

And now back to your regularly scheduled programming...

During my cooking frenzy on Sunday I made a macaroni & cheese. I froze half of it for one of those nights when I don't feel like cooking. The other half I served on Wednesday:

... along with a spring mix salad. I'm very into salad these days, which is a good thing! I dressed it simply with lemon juice and oil, salt and pepper. I'm not sure what happened with the mac & cheese, but it wasn't as creamy as it usually is. I'm wondering if the pasta soaked up all the sauce since I didn't bake it until Wednesday and made it on Sunday. It still looked gorgeous fresh out of the oven:

... but the creaminess is why I love this recipe. I wonder how the other half in the freezer will turn out.
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  1. You know, I thought about you as I ate my first homemade mac and cheese this past Saturday. I didn't make it, but still, it was so cool to finally taste it like that. Freakin awesome. Gotta try my own for sure.

    I imagine letting it sit probably detracted from the creaminess. Ah well. At least you already had dinner made. ;)

  2. Mmmmm mac & cheese. I need to make some soon in this cold winter weather!

  3. That looks really good. I make homemade mac in cheese once a week. It is my all time favorite food that I can never ever ever get enough of!! I find that when I freeze mine, the noodles get I have thought about not cooking the macaroni completely all the way so that it wasnt so mushy later...MMMMM, makes me want some mac in cheese:)

  4. That loos really tasty! I have never made homemade mac and cheese!

    Now I am off to find a recipe!

  5. Is this from your potluck mac and cheese recipe a few posts back? It looks really yummy!

  6. That looks so good right now - just something simple in the middle of all this holiday feasting!

  7. Oooh! I'm craving! Where's my fork?

  8. Hi me again haha - I just tagged you on my blog!


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