Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Spaghetti with Anchovies and Capers

It was SP's night to cook and he decided to try a new Lidia recipe. After thumbing through a few of her cookbooks he settled on spaghetti with anchovies and capers:

... which was pretty tasty. It's not something I think I'll find myself craving, but it was still good. And it couldn't have been easier since all it entailed was cooking pasta and making a "sauce" using oil, chopped garlic, anchovy filets and capers. He finished it off with some parsley and cheese and dinner was served.

A Taste of Home will be taking a brief hiatus for the next few days. Friday is my birthday so we'll be going out to dinner tomorrow, Friday and Saturday to celebrate. The cooking will resume on Sunday as I get ready for next week.
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  1. Happy birthday to you! I hope you have a wonderful day! :)

    Is it true that once anchovies are cooked they take on a nutty flavor? I think I heard that from some Rachael recipe...or perhaps I'm losing my grip on reality.

  2. Thanks hon!

    You're not losing your grip on reality....when cooked, anchovies disintegrate into the oil and just give the dish a nutty, salty flavor.

  3. The pasta looks delicious! Have a wonderful Birthday tomorrow!

  4. Thanks, Jessy. I'm really looking forward to some yummy food!

  5. Oooops, a little late, but Happy Birthday, Sarah!

  6. Thanks, tfp! It was an awesome birthday. :)


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