Monday, January 22, 2007

Pasta and Salad

I love being a homeowner for many reasons, but the current number one reason is my garage. With winter finally arriving in the Northeast it's been bitterly cold and there's nothing like pulling into your garage at night and getting out of the car without having to deal with freezing winds. Smelling cooked garlic and onion wafting in from the kitchen is an added bonus because it means dinner is ready.

SP cooked tonight and he decided to keep things simple with pasta and sauce:

... made with one can of Redpack and one jar of tomatoes my mother and I canned this summer. I finished the sauce just before serving with a dollop of ricotta cheese. It was a really nice touch. I also made some more of that pizza parlor salad that I'd made on Friday for S and C.

You know it's cold when your cat starts hibernating. I swear he spends most of the day snoozing on our bed. Usually he just sleeps on top of the down comforter, but yesterday I found him snuggled under a blanket SP had left balled up on the bed:

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  1. Awww! Look at the Dustman!
    It must have been comfort food night all over the area b/c M Laz and I consumed gnocchi with meat delicious and fatty. I felt very comforted afterward!

  2. I love that picture of your cat!

  3. Cute kitty kat! I had one growing up with the same coloring. My hubby is I settled for a yorkie...about the same size as my old cat. I miss the purr.

    p.s. - i'm diggin the ricotta...why have i not done that before????


  4. cat is more popular than my food. :P

    Jessy - I got the idea from Rachael Ray. I saw her making one of her fake bakes and she mixed some ricotta in with the pasta and sauce before she broiled it and I thought it was worth a shot. It added a really nice creaminess.


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