Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Grilling in the Cold

We had some steaks in the freezer and a new bag of hardwood charcoal. For a man who's been deprived of grilling for most of his life this meant that, despite the below-freezing temperatures we've been having, SP wanted to grill tonight.

He's become quite good at it, too. The steaks:

... had a great char on the outside and a really nice smokey flavor but were still cooked medium-rare the way we like them. I made the couscous with some chopped scallion, chicken broth, a dab of butter and salt. When SP was prepping the beans they looked a little past their prime so he gave them a squirt of lemon juice to perk them up. Then I steamed them and served them with some butter, salt and pepper. The citrus bath gave them a nice tang and they were so good I think I'll prepare them that way from now on.
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  1. That steak looks absolutely delicious! So moist! Now I'm craving a steak and how convenient - it's Australia Day tomorrow! :D


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