Friday, January 26, 2007

Breakfast Club

Last night I made 60 breakfast burritos.

No, I haven't suddenly developed an insatiable appetite - I was making them for SP's office breakfast club. Every Friday a pair of coworkers brings in breakfast for the office. Today was SP's turn and since I love to cook I always help. Over the years "helping" has turned into me being the guest chef for the morning. His partner brings in all the pastries, fruit, bagels, yogurt and cereal and I take care of the main dishes.

I wanted to do something different this time and when someone on Chowhound recommended breakfast burritos I thought that would be perfect.

I made 30 with green pepper, onion, cheddar cheese and sausage and 30 with everything but the sausage:

SP's partner brought in all the carbs:

... as well as the tater tots (a must-have at his office). We also cooked some extra breakfast sausage:

My plate with a sausage burrito, some tots and half a chocolate donut:

The burritos tasted like the ones you get at McDonald's, only 100 times better. Now that I know how easy they are to make, I think they'll become a staple at our house. I could probably make them, freeze them and then nuke them in the morning for a quick breakfast.
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  1. The burritos were fantastic!
    - Mary

  2. Uh huh. I was talking about breakfast burritos MONTHS ago.


  3. D - you're right! I totally forgot about your breakfast burritos. Forgive me? :)

  4. So you just put your own breakfast foods in them and then ... you can freeze them?

  5. Anon - I haven't actually tried freezing them before, but yes, I think you assemble them and then freeze them.


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