Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Revisiting Cajun Chicken

In keeping with my plan to revisit old favorites this week, tonight's dinner was Cajun Chicken:

I think I've finally got the right combination of spices for the Cajun seasoning so it's flavorful without being too spicy. I also added more heavy cream so it would be saucier and increased the amount of pasta as well in order to stretch it to four servings.
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  1. Mmm that looks so creamy! I swear every time I visit your blog, I end up drooling and changing my dinner plans! Mmm. :)

  2. Unbeknownst to me, Amber got me a subscription to RR mag!

    I read it cover to cover twice then cut out all the recipes I wanted!

    Among them: the Chicken Parm Subs (online), the Cordon Croquettes and the Chicken Cigars (I LOVE phyllo!). I'm also eyeballing the Sammy D. Jr. Size Melts.

    I also loved the idea of putting peanut butter and honey on a sliced banana for a midnight snack.

    Also did you catch the mention of the perpetual kid website? I checked it out -- WAY CUTE STUPH!

    Tonight we are having bacon wrapped hamburgers. We have not had hamburgers in forever! So I'm off to cook!

    Have a great Friday!


  3. Are those recipes from the most recent RR mag? Since we moved I feel like I'm a month behind on my mags since they're still being forwarded.

    Enjoy your burgers. :)

    I'm wiped out with this got so, so, so much worse yesterday. I took the wrong day off. :(


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