Sunday, June 15, 2008

Where's the Cat?

Can you spot the cat in this photo?

As any cat owner knows, they love to find new places to sleep the day away. Sure, our little guy has his favorite spots, but every once in awhile he changes it up and when we stumble upon him we can't help but scratch our heads and wonder, "Why there?" Recently our cat started sleeping in the corner of our bedroom, between SP's guitar and the wall:

I guess it's cool over there, since it's near one of the vents. I thought he looked so cute all splayed out in the corner. I was being extra quiet, but he can always sense my presence.

Caught again!

As I was working on my blog he switched positions:

Such a cute little bugger.
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  1. Cutie kitty! I LOVE the color of your walls. It's such a pretty shade of green.h

  2. too funny!! We have a cat that does the exact same thing in the corner ... only we have a fake ficus over there. It's adorable!

  3. Awww....sleeping kitties make my heart feel like it is going to explode! Mine are always switching it up. They can make the most uncomfortable surface look like a feather bed.

  4. That last photo is my favourite - he is so adorable lying there! And the colours are so perfect and contrasting. :)

  5. Jenn - Thanks! We love the color, too. It came out just the way we hoped it would.

    Jesstyler - Aren't cats the funniest? :)

    Day to Day - I know. He always makes my heart swell. Such a cutie pie.

    Katie - :)

  6. Yeah, once I got to that last one, I was a goner. It was the last straw - I officially love, like LOVE, your cat. =-) <--- That's the crying happy face when I think something is just too adorable.

    OK, I'll stop being the biggest dork ever now. :P

    Actually, I popped over here because I wanted to see if you had any Marsala posts. I knew I had seen them before and yep, here they are. I'm about to post mine and I wanted to compare my sauce to someone else's. I'm still such an insecure dweeb.

    *Longest Comment Ever*

  7. I am always baffled at the spots my cats will find slumber. Last night Sadie crawled onto the cable box and snoozed when there were multiple couch cushions available. Um...?

  8. Melissa - Awww... :) I love that you love my cat. Now who's a dweeb? :) It's good to know other people find him as adorable as I do. There are so many times, especially when he's sleeping, where my heart just aches because I love him so much.

    ::runs to check out your Marsala post::

    C Laz - On top of the cable box, huh? Interesting...are you guys still having that bizarre cold snap? Maybe she thought it was nice and toasty up there??

  9. Okay, nooow my post is up. Got too busy yesterday.

    I think the spots they pick are all about temperature.

    Your heart aches? =D I feel ya.

  10. that's so cute. I love when I find our cats sleeping in funny places.


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