Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Seeing Red

I went out to water my garden tonight and what did I see:

Red! Houston, we have red tomatoes! I think they're still a day away from being ripe enough to pick, but I think tomorrow will be my first harvest. To say I'm thrilled would be an understatement. I just hope they taste good!
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  1. They will taste amazing, homegrown tomatoes always do. I say give em more than a day... maybe 2.

  2. yum! They are going to be great. How long did it take them to grow from when you planted them? I'd love to have my own veggie garden but unfortunately because we rent we're not allowed. :(

  3. Pick 'em! Let that plant work and make you some more as soon as you can!

    i am so are about a week ahead of me.

  4. Kristi - I think that's a good idea. I don't want to pick them too soon.

    Katie - Awwww...that stinks! Not even in containers? I do container gardening so it's not like anything is permanent.

    longhair - I don't want to pick them too soon. I have plenty on the plant as it is so I'm not worried.

  5. That does it. I'm moving my tomato plants to YOUR house!

  6. Katie, your landlords suck. I rent and I have a huge container garden on my back deck. You should ask if that would be OK with them. You'd be amazed at what you can grow in containers (the bigger the pot, and the more soil, the bigger the plant). I've even grown corn successfully in a container.

  7. OK, just keep your eye on them. They can turn bad overnight, then you end up waiting for nothing...really...I speak from years of experience.

  8. Tomatoes turning bad overnight? Never happened to me. I've been growing them for many years and in my experience they can stay ripe on the vine for several days.

  9. Lucky you. The picture is sheer art.

  10. Perhaps it's where you live vs. where I live, climate wise. All I can say is at least once a year I get burned by the leave it on for one more day bug, and end up losing a couple of tomatoes :(

    For me it's a big deal since I cherish every red / yellow / black orb that comes off of the vine. I'm kind of like Homer Simpson where he gets the pet lobster and ends up eating it in the end.

  11. Yeah!! I love growing veggies - it's so much fun to go out and find what's ripened overnight!

  12. Alotta - You should! :) I'd share, I promise.

    Kristi - I think container gardening is so much easier anyway. I think I need more soil, though. It looks like I've lost some over the course of the season. I can't believe you got corn to grow. That's talent!

    longhair - I picked them over the weekend, but I haven't eaten them yet. I wonder if they're still any good...oh well, if they aren't there's plenty more!

    Melissa - It was a very exciting moment. :)

    Prudy - Thank you!

    Melissa - It's like a fun surprise when I go outside every day to water see what's happened since I was last out there. I'm continually amazed at how quickly they've grown.

    Kahuna - :)


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