Monday, June 23, 2008


When I got home on Sunday I was too tired to think about cooking. Luckily my darling husband took care of everything. He grilled burgers and we had them on kaiser rolls with fresh tomato, lettuce, and red onion:

He also bought Terra chips and Doctor Brown's to wash it all down.
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  1. That burger is so tall! How do you eat it? I'd have to use a knife and fork, lol!

  2. Katie - It wasn't easy, I'll say that. There was a lot of squishing involved. :)

  3. Kinfe and fork...oh the blasphemy!!! That's almost as bad as eating pizza with a knife and fork!

  4. My junior high boyfriend and his family ate pizza with a knife and fork. It tripped me out the first time I ate with them.

    Nice job he did with the boy-gas.

  5. longhair - Ha!!

    Melissa - I saw some people eating burgers with a knife and fork the other day. Bizarre. And way!

  6. Melissa - I hope you dumped him!

    THC - I am so glad you agree.

    Pizza with a knife and fork...that's just freakish.


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