Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas Dinner

My stepgrandmother has been making the same Christmas dinner since I was a child and this year was no exception.

All the usual suspects were present and accounted for, including the roast filet with garlic:

... green beans with toasted almonds:

... whipped potatoes:

... salad (with luscious chunks of creamy avocado):

... Yorkshire pudding:

... and garlic bread:

For dessert we had coffee and Christmas cookies:

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  1. The Roast filet with Garlic looks so scrummy - is there a recipe???

  2. Kathy - Not that I know of, but I can ask my stepgrandmother how she makes it and get back to you. :)

  3. christmas cookies... i recognize the mexican wedding cakes (which we always make at christmas, too), but what are the others? (hey, us baker-types need descriptions of the desserts, ms. home cook :p)


  4. bakergirl - LOL! You know I'm not a baker so I don't focus on these things. :) The only one I know besides the black & whites are the almond crescents, which are in the foreground.

  5. ms home cook - that's okay :) oh, i know longhair checks in every now and then - i stop by once in a while but i'm more interested in the sweets :) :)

    mmmm... cookieesssssss..... !!


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