Sunday, December 09, 2007


After SP's not-so-subtle plea yesterday for breakfast potatoes, I decided to make us a hearty Sunday breakfast of scrambled eggs, hash brown potatoes and bacon:

I made the hash brown potato cake by peeling 4 medium-size potatoes and then grating them on the large holes of a box grater. A little oil went into a non-stick skillet and then I added the potatoes and spread them into a thin, even layer. A plate was put on top and weighed down with a brick. I flipped it over about 10-15 minutes later, once the potatoes were golden brown, to cook on the other side. The result was a nice, crispy cake:

... but even though I used hardly any oil I thought it was too oily. I also forgot to season the potatoes with salt and pepper while they were cooking so I had to do it right before serving. I was disappointed, but SP thought everything was spectacularly good. I was also miffed by the eggs:

... which I scrambled with cheddar cheese, scallions and mushrooms. I couldn't taste any of the flavors, which really bummed me out. After yesterday's breakfast sandwich with the knock-your-socks-off cheddar flavor, today's eggs didn't wow me. And don't even get me started on the bacon. I took a chance and bought a different brand of bacon because it was on sale, but I was wary of the phrase "hickory-smoked flavor" emblazoned across the top of the package. I should have known - way too smoky for my tastes. Of course SP was in heaven. Oh well. At least there was a cream donut to drown my sorrows.
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  1. American bacon is so weird looking! :P It's good to know that SP loved the breakfast and it looks great from here - at least you got a cream doughnut, lol! :)

    Katie @ A Byootaful Life

  2. Only two slices of bacon?

  3. Thinking about your flavor problem...I tend to add my cheese mushrooms scallions right at the end of cooking the eggs otherwise the flavors do tend to run together. Things like onions and mushrooms I'll heat/cook before I mix them into the eggs, even before I start them (the eggs that is) seems to go much better.

    Now, back to my original question...

    Only two pieces of bacon?

  4. Katie - LOL! I remember the first time I saw bacon in England I had no clue what they were serving me. I do like yours better, though...more meat, less fat.

    longhair - I cooked the scallions and mushrooms in some butter before adding the eggs and added the cheese at the last second and it still didn't taste like anything. :(

    I'm glad there were only 2 slices since I didn't like it. SP ended up eating my two pieces in addition to his 2.

  5. mmm looks delicious! 4 potatoes must have made a lot of hash browns.

  6. foodhoe - Actually, it didn't make that much. We each had half of the cake, which is two of the pieces you see in the photo. I used small potatoes. :)


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