Saturday, August 04, 2007

A Taste of Home Turns One!!

Happy Anniversary to A Taste of Home!

Today my blog turns one and I couldn't be more proud. A few weeks ago I had a feeling I was rapidly approaching the one year mark so I went back into my archives to find the exact date and wrote it down on a little slip of paper which promptly got lost on the mess that is our computer desk. As we were cleaning up the office this morning I suddenly realized August had started and I panicked, thinking I'd missed the big day, but luckily I was right on time. :)

Unfortunately we made plans with friends to go out to dinner tonight so I won't be posting a special anniversary dinner. I did, however, post a ton of new food photos today so that's at least something. And I'm planning to make a fun new recipe for tomorrow's dinner.

It's hard to believe I've been doing this blog for a year already. It seems like only yesterday that I started taking blurry shots of the food I made, wondering what I'd be able to do with them. Then my darling husband told me I should start a food blog so I could keep track of everything I made and share my creations with the world and the rest is history. I think I've come a long way since Aug. 4, 2006. I learned how to take crystal clear close-up shots (thanks tfp!); I learned about good lighting and plating; I've met a ton of great people who love food just as much as I do; I've made friends from around the world and I've had a lot of fun with this blog. I hope the coming year is just as great, if not better.

Most importantly I want to thank everyone who reads A Taste of Home. Your comments and enthusiasm are a big part of what makes this blog fun for me. Without you guys I don't know how long I would have stuck with this.

Here's to another year!
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  1. Although you don't know this...but you're one of my 'daily' reads. Thanks for all the ideas when I do my meal planning for the week! Keep up the good work. Happy Anniversary!

  2. Cathy - Thanks for commenting. :) I'm happy to know you come here for meal ideas.

  3. Congrats and Happy Anniversary!!

  4. Happy birthday A Taste of Home! :)

  5. yes, congratulations! I just started coming here, as you know, but I really like seeing your stuff for the same reason stated above - it gives me more ideas. sometimes I feel completely blank about it and I really love that there are bloggers like you to remind me of something I want to try making or haven't made in a long time. so thanks!

  6. Thank YOU for your site... I just love your blog. You are inspirational, and prolific! Thanks again.

  7. Congrats on your anniversary! I'm pleased I got to contribute in some way! :)


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