Sunday, August 12, 2007

A Lazy Sunday, Cat Style

Whenever I can't find the cat it usually means he's lounging under our bed. I snapped this photo:

... before he realized I was there. A bird chirping in the backyard had caught his attention. A few seconds later he realized I was taking his picture:

... as evidenced by the alarmed look on his face.
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  1. Hehe you got SPRUNG taking photos! At least he didn't just run off ... in fact, the "alarmed" photo is rather adorable! Looks like he was very comfy and warm under there.

  2. For some reason he hates having his picture taken. Just the sound of the camera turning on freaks him out. Then again, he is rather high-strung. :P

  3. Great shots of your cat. They're such interesting creatures.


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