Sunday, August 26, 2007

Fry Up

We wanted a hearty breakfast this morning so I did another English fry up:

... with fried eggs, sausage patties, mushrooms and tomato.
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  1. Yum! I think the tomatoes look delicious here! Mmmmm :)

  2. AAAAAAAAAA! :) Like the red meat issue we previously discussed, I cannot eat runny eggs. I have issues, don't I? :)

  3. Katie - they were fantastic, especially with the eggs. Yum!

    Jojo - I had a feeling if you didn't like rare meat you wouldn't be a fan of runny eggs. :P

  4. Hahaha, sorry to blow your theory out of the water, but I'm not into rare meat but I love runny eggs! :) The breakfast looks terrific, btw. Were the sausage patties homemade?

  5. tfp - Ha! Oh well. :) Sausages were not homemade. We buy a huge roll of breakfast sausage and I cut it into patties.

  6. You know... I never thought of adding healthy food (tomatoes) to a breakfast like that. It would help one to not feel so guilty, wouldn't it? ;)


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