Saturday, August 04, 2007

Pizza Friday

We finally got to have our mushroom pizza for Pizza Friday:

After last week's mishap with the mushrooms I made doubly sure we had some on hand this week. I thickly sliced the mushrooms and browned them briefly in some butter with sliced garlic before adding them to the pizza. SP made his "sauce" the usual way by draining canned tomatoes and seasoning them with various spices, but for some reason we ended up with less tomatoes then usual. I was in the mood for a very tomato-y pizza so SP opened a can of tomatoes my mom and I canned last summer and seasoned them up. I really liked the extra tomatoes, but the pizza was a bit soggier because of them.

Nevertheless the flavor was outstanding and easily one of the better pizzas we've had lately. We're still trying to get the cheese figured out since no matter how little I add it seems to be too much, but we're working on it.
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