Sunday, August 26, 2007

Paninis and Melon

For some reason I'd been thinking about prosciutto and melon all week, so when it came time for my weekly trek to the farmer's market with my coworkers I made sure to pick up a cantaloupe. It was perfectly ripe when SP cut it and I wrapped the half-moons in ultra thin slices of salty prosciutto:

... which we ate as an appetizer before embarking on a panini experiment. We wanted to see which would be a better way to cook them - using a waffle iron or a regular skillet. While the waffle iron heated up I prepped the ingredients: tomato, basil mozzarella and the rest of the prosciutto:

... before assembling the sandwiches on thick slices of crusty bread. The batch made in the waffle iron were crispy and tasted good:

... but the huge crevices didn't really work well for us. The second batch made in a nonstick skillet and weighed down with a foil wrapped brick came out much better:

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  1. The second sandwich looks better. Waffle-sandwich is just a little odd looking. But hey it's all about how it tastes, right ? :) I've never thought of wrapping melon like that. I bet the tastes were great together.

  2. Jojo - We weren't expecting the huge waffle crevices so when I opened the lid to take them out we were shocked. LOL!

  3. DROOL. I like the waffle iron idea. I've also used my George Foreman grill for panninis, and it works pretty well, too. Gives them those grill marks, etc. I kind of LIKE the waffle marks on your first set. :)


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