Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Four Cheese Macaroni

Another easy dinner, this time the macaroni and cheese I made on Sunday:

... and another salad. This four cheese macaroni was different from my usual mac & cheese, but it was still tasty. I didn't have any elbows, so I used penne. I also had some leftover mozzarella from the lasagna rolls that I added to the cheese sauce, as well as some grated Pecorino.
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  1. Oh! Very nice. Mac & Cheese is such great comfort food and perfect for this cold weather.

    This past weekend, I had Bacon Mac & Cheese where the pasta was orzo. It was amazing! It literally melted in your mouth.

    Your food always looks so tasty!

  2. Hey Seth! Thanks...I think it tastes pretty tasty, too. :)

    My husband was just reading your comment over my shoulder and started drooling over the Bacon Mac & Cheese made with orzo. Any chance you have a recipe for this?

  3. You always make me sooo hungry!
    Hope your move is going well.

  4. Tonight I am making the Potatoes Gratin recipe you posted about. Only thing is I don't know how they will turn out because I could not find pecorino cheese. :( I guess I should have gone to a speciality store?

  5. It should be in your local supermarket. It's not a specialty cheese by any means. You could also use Parmesan. I can't wait to hear how they turned out!

  6. Hey D...if you can't find anything labeled Pecorino, look for Romano! It's the same thing.

  7. Re: Bacon Mac and Cheese with Orzo.

    I don't have the recipe, but I had it at the Napa Rose at Disneyland in Anaheim. You might give them a call and see if they will share it.

  8. I like a challenge, so I think I'll play around with the idea first...obviously it involves bacon and orzo, it's just a matter of what kind of cheese. I think a blend would be best.

    We bought orzo at the store recently so this could be a fun project for the weekend.


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