Saturday, November 04, 2006

Chinese Take Out

One of my favorite food blogs, The Food Pornographer, recently had some take out Chinese food that I've been salivating over - ma po tofu. The problem is that she's from Perth, Australia and I couldn't find the dish on any take out menu here in Jersey. Then she clued me in to the possibility that ma po tofu could be bean curd Szechuan style here in the states, so tonight we got take out Chinese from our favorite place in order to find out.

Here's the bean curd Szechuan style:

... it doesn't look quite the same, but it was still pretty tasty. Even though it was under the "pork" category on the menu, I didn't see any pork in the dish. But the huge chunks of silky tofu were quite tasty.

We also got an old favorite:

... roast pork egg foo yung, as well as broccoli with garlic sauce:

... that was more spicy than garlicky.
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  1. The szechuan bean curd looks really good in the photo, nice and saucy. Shame there wasn't any pork though. Was the sauce spicy?

  2. It was nice and saucy and I loved the silky tofu, but it didn't have much flavor. Certainly no spiciness. And the lack of pork was really disappointing. Your ma po tofu looks (and probably tastes) so much better.


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