Friday, October 27, 2006

Pizza Friday

Tonight marks the return of buffalo chicken pizza:

... only this time with extra hot sauce and an extra thick coating of blue cheese dressing. I think this was the best buffalo chicken pizza I've made to date.
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  1. Damn, girl! That looks so good. Back home -- in Buffalo -- they call it chicken wing pizza but, inexplicably, some places still put red sauce on the side and serve it with a Styrofoam vat filled with chunky bleu cheese.
    I can feel my arteries clogging right now just looking at the picture... yum. Jay made massaman chicken curry tonight with black sticky rice infused with chunks of pineapple and he steamed it in the pineapple juice. I even took pictures of it; I may soon start my own food blog!

  2. I can't imagine putting red sauce on that pizza. Ick!

    I never make curry at home but you always make me want to. Masaman is my fav!

    I'd be thrilled if you started a food blog. :)

  3. Mmmmmm, looks extremely cheesy! I'm not into blue cheese anything, but that does look good.

  4. tfp - I don't like blue cheese dressing either, but for this pizza it's a must since it's like eating chicken wings. It just adds that nice tang in the background. Very yummy!

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