Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Meat and Potatoes Reborn

This was my attempt at recreating the Royal Red Robin at home:

It was not a rousing success. For starters, I overcooked the burger. And the onion slices were too thick. I honestly don't know how Red Robin can make such an amazing burger the exact same way every single time. It's not like they use sub-par ingredients either. The lettuce is always crisp and bright green, the tomatoes are never anemic, the egg is freshly fried, the bun is soft, the bacon crisp and the burger is juicy and perfectly cooked. I guess I'll just have to keep giving it the old college try.

SP wanted baked potatoes with his burger but he had to work late so I decided to jazz mine up a bit. I had some leftover cheese from when I made the garlic bread earlier in the week so after I cooked my potato I took out the meat and mixed it with some salt, pepper, a tablespoon of butter, the leftover cheese and a tablespoon of sour cream. I then put the meat back in the skins and broiled them until the top started to get nice and golden brown and crispy.
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  1. I have never had egg on my burger, what is that like?

    My question is how RR comes up with all those drink concoctions!

  2. A fried egg on a burger is amazing! There's something about the way the yolk tastes with the burger meat and the raw white onion I ask them to put on my burger. Yum! I always try to save the yolk for the end with all the toppings. It creates the perfect bite.

    Our fav drink there is the banana milkshake. They have so many great sounding items on the menu (like the tower of onion rings) but we never have any room for anything other than the burger, fries and splitting the shake.


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