Friday, September 04, 2009


I just love the presentation of these tacos:

... even if they are incredibly messy to eat. We each got an order of three tacos for lunch while we were running errands recently.

They forgot to give us forks so we needed to be hosed down after we finished eating. I love everything about these tacos except the ground beef isn't really seasoned well. Our favorite Mexican place makes a better seasoned ground beef taco, but they don't include any toppings except shredded lettuce and cheese. Thankfully this place gives you two difference sauces to put on the tacos, which helps in the flavor department.
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  1. Those look so awesome. A pregnant woman's dream, definitely. ;)

  2. Hosed down. Hehe. I haven't had a ground beef taco in a couple of years and oddly enough, I'm making some tonight. I'll be sure to season properly. :P

  3. Mmm, they look so good! Making me want tacos!


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