Monday, July 13, 2009

Swedish Meatballs a la IKEA

A few weekends ago we took a road trip out to a baby store that we'd heard had a great selection of furniture. On the way we passed IKEA and made a mental note to stop on the way back to check out their baby stuff. By the time we finished at the furniture store we were famished, so before we browsed we decided to grab a bite to eat at the IKEA cafeteria. In all the years we've been going to IKEA we've never once eaten there. I've always wanted to try their Swedish meatballs so we got a plate of those to share. I don't know if it was hunger or what, but the entire meal was delicious. We bought a jar of their lingonberry jam so I could try replicating the meal at home. I think I did a pretty good job:

In addition to the Swedish meatballs and brown gravy (made using my usual recipe), I whipped up some mashed potatoes. Before eating this meal at IKEA I wouldn't have paired the gravy with the jam but in this case it really works. This meal truly hit the spot.
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  1. Just found your blog today from Judy's. I love Swedish meatballs. We used to live in Sweden and I was happy to discover the secret to their meatballs. I make them regularly. It is fun to go out and eat and come home and try to make something like it.


  2. Mmm...that really does look good! You've done a great job recreating an Ikea meal!

  3. That sounds and looks so good. Maybe I'm hungry! I can buy lingonberry jam at the Farmers Market, I will pick some up this weekend. I make that chicken with a salad quite often from your post below. So easy!

  4. That looks really good, you've done a good job replicating a 'proper' Swedish meatball feast! ;)

    The lingonberry jam and gravy is a mix made in heaven.

    // Mike


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