Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Shrimp and Grits

My friend Amy recently posted this recipe for shrimp and grits that looked so delicious I knew I needed to make it as soon as possible. I had some frozen shrimp in the freezer and I've always wanted to try making grits at home, so it seemed perfect.

The grits could not have been simpler to make. I cooked them in chicken broth for added flavor and they were amazing. Grits in five minutes...what have I been missing all my life!?

We really enjoyed this meal, but next time I might try a different version. This was pretty light (no heavy cream like most versions) but it lacked the oomph we were looking for. It was also very saucy, which probably diluted the flavors. Next time I wouldn't add the cup of chicken stock at the end. Amy recommended another version and it's in the back of my mind for a special occasion (or the next time we buy shrimp).
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  1. Wow! Yours looks MUCH prettier than mine! I hope the next version works better for you. :( I need to make that version I sent you to see how it tastes. :)

  2. Girlfriend, move down here and I promise to teach you to make real grits :) Grits are like oatmeal...instant is for a 'fix' (ok every once in a blue moon), quick is for every day (this is a good stand by if you're pressed for time), old fashioned / regular is where the love is (well worth the wait, and IMHO miles beyond even the best quick grits).

    Maybe I'm a purist (imagine that) but the grits in a shrimp and grits dish need to be treated like a risotto...you couldn't make it with minute or a parboiled rice. Go the route of the regular grits and you won't be missing any oomph. You can also try adding some really sharp cheddar to it as well :)

    With that said. Your dish makes me want to have some for lunch :) and makes me wish you were my neighbor.

  3. OH YUMM! I love shrimp and grits

  4. Shrimp and grits is such comfort food! I can't wait to make this!

  5. Oh I just made some cheese grits for dinner the other night. They are so hearty. I'll have to try it with chicken stock next time.

  6. I love shrimp and grits! These look great!


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