Sunday, July 05, 2009

Lasagna and Arugula Salad

In addition to the roast chicken SP made when I got home from my work conference he also made a huge lasagna for dinner later in the week. The night we decided to eat it I cut us both large chunks of the pasta, meat sauce and cheese:

SP knows I love cheese and he added plenty to this lasagna. It was utterly delicious, with a great tomato sauce (he's a wiz at tomato sauce) and lots of cheesy goodness. To cut the richness of the lasagna I made a quick arugula salad with shaved pecorino cheese, red wine vinegar and oil:

I love when SP cooks. We were able to each take a portion for lunch the next day and then freeze four more portions for another time.
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  1. How awesome. I love that he cooks good things for you, especially now. :)


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