Monday, July 20, 2009

Pesto Pasta with Peas

As you can see from my garden post, the basil plant is thriving. I wanted to use up some of the leaves so I made pesto. In order to make it more healthy I tossed in some frozen peas:

We had a loaf of ciabatta in the freezer. Garlic gives me serious heartburn these days so I try to avoid it if I can, so I just toasted and buttered the bread:

Simple and summery.
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  1. You can't got wrong with pesto! I love it in all it's forms!

  2. I have really been wanting to put peas in my pasta, something I've never tried. Steve doesn't like pesto, but I was still thinking a white (broth or wine) sauce with leeks, peas and sausage. Your plate is inspiring.

    I still adore your food. :)

  3. Just wanted to tell you that I love your blog! I love the simple approachable ideas you share. Keep up the good work!

  4. Michele - I don't cook enough with pesto. I used to make a chicken dish with pesto years ago before I started blogging...I'll have to resurrect that.

    Melissa - It's so nice to see comments from you. :) I put peas in one of my alfredo with sausage dishes once...delish!

    wifeplzak - Awww...thanks, hon!

  5. I hope you get over the phase of garlic giving you heartburn... I love garlic!!
    Your pesto pasta with peas looks divine :)


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