Saturday, May 02, 2009

Ravioli and Sauce

Is anyone familiar with the comedian John Pinette? In one act he talks about exercising. While he's on the elliptical at the gym, in order to keep himself motivated, his mantra becomes "raviolis and a nap, raviolis and a nap," meaning if he can finish the workout without dying he'll treat himself to raviolis and a nap. This kept running through my head as I made this meal for dinner last week.

Yes, the ravioli was the frozen variety but they were actually pretty good. And the meal was nice and easy to make, which is always a plus in my book. We had more toasted, buttered ciabatta on the side.
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  1. You are right, easy and fast is good. Frozen ravioli and sauce is a great meal. I keep frozen sauce in the frezer for such occasions.

  2. That sauce really looks like something special. Sometimes frozen food is a life-saver, especially when it's good quality.

  3. Ha!! When I'm on the elliptical I'm usually telling myself "Cookies and Gossip Girl. Cookies and Gossip Girl." Same principal, I guess :)


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